about us

For Good Luck is in the business of reviving love stories. 

Each piece is one of a kind and hand-crafted from vintage wedding gowns and evening wear into contemporary, and elegant corseted tops. The gowns are deconstructed, and tailored into a more modern fit, tie dyed, grommeted and laced with velvet ribbon.

Wedding dresses are painstakingly designed to be worn once. In a world plagued by un-sustainability, repurposing “single-use garments” not only offers a greener fashion option, but also allows us to perpetuate the fantasy and happiness of one of the most cherished celebrations.

A For Good Luck top is made to celebrate life in, whether that's on a date or grocery shopping, while in the club or reading a book in the park, every day or once in awhile, rain or shine. For Good Luck tops are time capsules, they harbor the love and luck they were made to embody. Wear your For Good Luck with a smile and a strut you might just fall in love.

Founded in 2018 by Olivia Horan



Our sweatsuits, sweatshirts, and bike shorts are sourced from a factory in LA that produces their garments with the highest of sustainable and ethical standards. Not only are their workers paid $15 an hour, but they take initiative in giving their employees the best possible work experience and benefit. All cotton they use to produce the garments are organic, of the highest quality and sourced from domestic farmers to support manufacturing in the USA. In turn this reduces their supply chain's carbon footprint eliminating its negative environmental impacts. 

The tie dying process is all done by Olivia Horan (and help from her sister Izzy) so it's pretty much a two woman show and takes about two days for each piece to reach completion. Each piece is a little masterpiece, one of a kind, and made to order. For Good Luck tie dye is made with true attention to detail, artistry, and a whole lot of love.

The dye is sourced from a family-owned company based in the US. To make the pigments, they recycle minerals from petroleum byproducts that can be easily washed into our water systems and filtered back into drinking water. This is super important because a lot of dyes are toxic for the environment as well as for your body. When you go to wash your FGL tie dye always use cold water. These dyes don't run and are skin and soul safe :) 

Our Wedding and Prom tops are all re-worked from vintage bridal and evening gowns. They are deconstructed and corseted to give these dresses not only a new life, but flexible sizing. The fabric from the bottoms of the gowns have been saved and preserved to create a ready to wear line that is completely zero waste. This will hopefully be happening soon! 

The mailers used when we ship are 100% compostable. 

Sustainability is a learning process. Each day we hope to progress in how we approach sustainability through our brand not only on an environmental level but on a social and political level as well. 



All items are made to order. 

Shipping may take up to a month due to COVID-19 delays. 

We are taking the pandemic pretty seriously therefore all orders are sanitized as best as we can. 

Care Instructions: 

Always wash on cold and delicate cycle and hang to dry. After your garment is dry, press with a steamy iron.