Inspired by the one and only, our mega muse, Pricilla Presley.

In a past life, this top was a 1960’s wedding dress, revamped to embody the Gemini sweetheart’s timeless sweet & sexy style. The puffy sleeves & peony tones are inspired by Pricilla’s most memorable looks. Pricilla, like other mid-century women, embodied a perfect harmony of Nashville charm and Hollywood stardom- memorialized by her big hair, bold makeup and timeless 60’s wardrobe. Mirroring the duality of Priscilla’s originality and curiosity, this bold statement piece can be worn with a pair of Levi’s or a mini skirt. The Pricilla top is reminiscent of falling in love, huge hair, lip liner, hazy clubs, pink velvet, jukeboxes, cowboy boots, miniskirts & glam lashes. We hope you love her as much as we do!

Fits up to a dress size 6